​​​​​​​Creative director and magazine veteran Nathalie Kirsheh shares wisdom on the ins and outs of layout. In this second segment "What Is Layout?," we set out to capture the dynamic and responsive process of layout design — underlying grids shifting and sliding, visual components finding harmony and that magical moment when it all clicks into place.

Creativity, Explained is an animated series from Adobe that explores the fundamental principles of art and design. Part education, part inspiration, each segment is voiced by a luminary in the field and provides highly relevant advice for hobbyists and working creatives alike. Our challenge was to create a consistent storytelling approach and wrap it in an aesthetic unique to each topic while feeling like part of a cohesive series.
Visual Development
Client: Adobe Directed by: Oddfellows
Creative Direction: Jarratt Moody
Producer: Kaitlyn Mahoney
Art Direction: Ben Hill
Script Editor: Adrian Rojas Elliot
Design: Yuki Yamada, Ben Hill, Fede Reano
Animation: Jakob Scott, Romain Loubersanes, Jasper Hilgers, Ross McCampbell, Ben Hill
Music & Sound: Antfood
Executive Creative Direction: Chris Kelly
Executive Producer: Erica Kelly

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